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How to ... compare salaries

So you want to compare several different salaries. Let say you are looking at a number of jobs where the salaries are listed as 14,000 per annum, 250 per week, 1200 per month and 7.85 per hour.

Job Numbersalary
114000 per annum
2250 per week
31200 per month
47.85 per hour

You could sit down with a pen and paper, scratch your head any maybe find a way to compare them or you could let take the strain.

Step 1 is to decide what rate you feel most comfortable with, do you want everything converted into a per hour rate or an annual rate. Which is better for you, for most people they want to compare it to their existing salary so it would be whatever you know you current salary rate to be.

Let's say we have decided to convert everything to per hour rate.

So using the calculator we put in "14000" select "Annual" and press convert. Looking at the hourly rate it converts to 7.26.

Using the calculator again we put in "250" select "Weekly" and press convert. The hourly rate turns out to be 6.76.

Using the calculator for the third job we put in "1200" select "Monthly" and press convert. The hourly rate turns out to be 7.46.

We don't have to convert the last salary as it is already in per hour.

So we now have the following conversions:

Job NumbersalaryPer hour conversion
114000 per annum7.26
2250 per week6.76
31200 per month7.46
47.85 per hour7.85

It turns out that that the job number four is the best paid job but of course pay isn't may not be the only reason to take that job.

Try the online calculator for yourself.

How to ... calculate a pro rata salary.

We have all seen jobs advertised at 23,000 per year pro rata to 22 hours. Which is great but it doesn't tell you what your actual salary is going to be and you need to work out whether that means you are better or worse off compared to your current salary.


First we are going to work out the hourly rate. Type in your salary as "23,000" but leave the hours as 37. Press the magic button and you get the conversions. Remember the hourly rate, which is 11.92.

Go back to the main page and type in the hourly rate "11.92" set the period to hourly and type in the actual hours of your job which are "22".

Press the magic button and you can see that your annual salary will be 13,673.

If you knew you were earning 14,000 for a full time job you would now know you would only be slightly worse off if you took the new part time job.

Easy when you know how.

Try the online calculator for yourself.